Badger Purple K B&C Fires

SKU: Purple-K

Badger’s potassium bicarbonate Purple K dry chemical
stored pressure fire extinguishers are designed for use on
high hazard types of Class B and C fires.
Purple K is generally superior to other dry chemicals on Class B
fires, making these extinguishers ideal for use in industrial
and commercial premises where a flammable liquid or gas
fire risks exist.
The extinguishers can be mounted on any flat vertical surface
with a wall hook or supplied with an optional strap bracket.
For special fire hazard protection consider the CR Corrosion
Resistant model.

For high hazard Class B and C fires
• Chrome plated brass valve
• Stainless steel handle, lever and hose band
• Steel cylinder and internal siphon tube
• Six year warranty
• Large loop stainless steel pull pins with tether
• 12 year periodic hydrostatic test interval
• Heavy-duty hose with plated brass hex fitting
• UL Listed and USCG Approved
• Easy-to-read two-piece nameplates