Badger Brigade Cartridge Portable

SKU: Brigade Cartridge Portable

The professional’s choice

Badger Brigade extinguishers are the most effective cartridgeoperated
models in the industry. When fire conditions demand
that fire fighters use the very best portable fire extinguisher
performance, they choose the Brigade.
Profession firefighters understand that Brigade cartridge
operated extinguisher designs can extinguish various fire
situations that stored pressure models cannot. It is rapidly
becoming the number one choice of professionals, especially
when high hazard fires demand fast, effective and reliable
The Brigade offers the very best in fire fighting performance and
usability. It is available with ABC Multipurpose, BC Regular or
Purple K Dry Chemical to address industrial fire hazards.

• Wide choice with 15 models available
• Fitted with low maintenance swivel discharge nozzle to
accommodate both left and right-handed operators
• Designed with more extinguishing agent for higher fire ratings,
longer range, extended discharge times and higher flow rates
• Stainless steel cartridge guard and ring pins for extended life
• UL Listed and USCG Approved
• Full 360° attachment welds for added strength and
better corrosion resistance